Terms Of Service

Ultimate Sky Terms & Conditions

- The reservation of the date is done after acceptance of the quote and a deposit of 30% – 50% has been made, Depending on the total amount of your quote.
- The acceptance of the quote or invoice indemnifies us from any theft, death, injury or danger.
- The Balance of the total amount including the holding refundable deposit payable 14 days prior the date of the event.
- The venue operates from 10:00am - 22:00pm, No person is allowed to use the venue thereafter. Failure to adhere to such rule will result to a fine between R1000.00 - R3000.00 depending on the departing time.
- The refundable deposit to be used to cover costs of any breakage on date of the event and refundable within 3 working days after the date of the event.
- Strictly no car cars on lawn.
- No one is allowed to be on the lawn with the car, not even the the purposes of dropping off the bride.
- No one will be allowed to sleep on the premises for purpose of decoration or cooking unless booked in the chalets, Only people booked in the chalet can remain after 19h00pm. - Storage facility will be provided at R1,500.00 per day, in preparation of your event.

Ultimate Sky Cancellation Policy
- In an event whereby there is a cancellation a six months notification is required to recover the full refund of what is already paid.
- Cancellations within 3-6 months before the event 20% of the quoted amount will be forfeited.
- Cancellations within 3 months prior the event, all deposit paid will be forfeited.

Check-in & Check-out
- The check-in time at the venue is 10:00am to 22:00pm from Monday to Saturday.
- The check-in time at the venue is 10:00am to 20:00pm on Sundays.
- The check-in time at the venue chalets is 14:00pm to 11:00am.
- Upon check-in the Ultimate Sky staff member will perform an inventory checklist with the person who booked, same will be done upon check-out.
- Failure to adhere to perform the inventory check-out list, the guest will be liable for anything missing or damaged in the chalet.

Ultimate Sky Ambience Policy
- Our garden and features to be respected at all times.
- The furniture will not be moved from its original position under any circumstances.
- No person is authorized to urinate at any area forming part of the lodge other at than the designated ablutions facilities. Failure to adhere to such rule will result to immediate removal of such individual(s).

Ultimate Sky Security & Personnel
- Our employees or any persons appointed by us will be present on the date of the event but cannot be given any instructions by anyone except our management.
- It is the responsibility of the host to provide security on the day of the event.
- The host is responsible to any damage to the property effected by a person(s) attending the function of the client.
- Should we discover any stolen chalet items, we have the right to deduct it from your deposit, alternatively a right to open a case against you.